"Energize and Educate for Healthy, Active Lifestyles!"
Grundy Center Physical Education Philosophy

The heart of teaching physical education at Grundy Center focuses on empowering students with the ability to make positive and proactive life choices in regards to their own personal health both in the present and future.

Creative class management frameworks are used to ensure a climate of success for all students. Included in these frameworks are innovative teaching protocols and the integration of futuristic/state of the art technology such as heart monitors, fitness assessment software, and automated reporting systems.

This technology, interwoven with the analysis of the visual and objective evidence, provides students and teachers with the ability to track personal and group progress. This information includes retrieval of heart rate data, skill and knowledge assessments, as well as analyzing individual and group fitness assessments. This data allows for essential visual feedback to reinforce concepts taught to the students.

Grundy Center Physical Education is constantly changing and evolving as a result of a commitment to the continual quest for “best practice.” This journey invariably leads to exploring new learning opportunities to capture the imagination and attention of the students. This continuous evolution provides students with the skill-set to invest in and the mind-set to value physical activity and personal health.

Belief Statements

The Grundy Center Physical Education staff holds the following beliefs:

The physical education staff will provide all students with the essential skills, knowledge, and experiences in a variety of activities, which will enable them to live healthy, active lifestyles for the rest of their lives.

The physical education staff must provide a well-rounded and balanced curriculum in order to meet the varying interests and ability levels of all students.

All students are capable of and responsible for making personal improvements in their own health and wellness on their journey towards lifelong fitness.

Students must invest in themselves in order to see a positive return in their own health and well-being.